SOFTWARE TESTING:Realization of world standard high quality testing at low cost.
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Realization of world standard high quality testing at low cost

In the recent years, due to large-scaling and sophistication of software,
the degree of difficulty and cost for software testing is in an increasing trend.
Thus, it can be said that whether a software development project will
end in success of failure in terms of cost, will depend on how efficiently
the software testing can be conducted.

A method called “Offshore Testing” which is a method to compress
the labor cost involved in the testing cost by using overseas engineers with
lower personnel expenses, has been highlighted in this few years
as a method to largely reduce software testing cost.

The Offshore testing service provided by VALTES Advanced Technology is
a realization of offshore testing without lowering the quality level.

  • Advantage of VAT
  • Merits of offshore testing & development

Testing Flow in compliance with IEEE829 standard

VALTES Advanced Technology has established a testing flow in compliance with IEEE829 standards, and by establishing and promoting a comprehensive strategy through test planning, we are able to promote a testing regime from the next phase onward without deviating from the original strategy.

About IEEE829

IEEE(Eye-triple-E、The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) is an electrical and electronics institution with its corporate office located in the United States of America. The standards issued by IEEE has been recognized as an outstanding standard, and is adopted and referenced world-wide.

IEEE829 is one of the standards issued by IEEE, and specifies the form and technical terms as a standard for the documents to be created during testing process of software development.


Testing Work Flow


We extract specification examinations and issues for the test target from the following documents.

ッTSpecification sheet
ッTPreviously occurred defects
ッTTest cases in the past.

Test Planning

We extract specification examinations and issues for the test target from the following documents.

ッTOverall direction of testing
ッTQuality assurance objectives  
ッTTest objectives
ッTTest approaches 
ッTTest regime (personnel, tools, equipment, schedules) etc.

Deliverables from the test planning phase

ッTTest Plan
ッTFunction table

Test Design

Define the test design specification such as detail definition of testing target items,
selection of test techniques to conduct the test.
Furthermore by showing the relation of test cases to the required specification sheet.
It will be used for trace setting of the architecture and coverage of test sets at each testing level.

Selecting optimized techniques
We will decide the “Quality tactics” in order to achieve the “Quality assurance objectives”
set forth in the test planning.
ッTCombined techniques (orthogonal chart, All-Pair method etc.)
ッTBoundary value analysis
ッTState transition techniques
Exposure of functions without any omissions
At VAT, we create a “Functional viewpoint list “during test planning and conduct the testing design so that there will be no test target function “omissions”.
Functional viewpoint list
Extract the functions of testing target per each hierarchy, and make a matrix of what sort of testing viewpoint exists in the extracted functions.

Deliverables from test design phase

ッTtest design specification  
ッTFunctional viewpoint list  
ッTFactor standard list
ッTstate transition list

Test Execution

Test case creation
Extract the functions of testing target per each hierarchy,
and make a matrix of what sort of testing viewpoint exists in the extracted functions.
Incident Reports
Reports text target device problems in 3-stages, “Problems”, “Specification confirmation”,
and “Recommendation items”.
In addition to obvious defects, we also report the points that are preferable for improvement from the point of usability, in an effort to improve the quality
of the important products of our clients.

Deliverables from test execution.

ッTTest case ッTTest log ッTIncident Report

Submitting a Summary Report

Test Summary Report
We provide test results in the form of test summary report to the clients.
It will include reports on product and process quality analyses results, which can be accumulate as an asset of the client, and can be filly used for future development.

Deliverables from test execution.

ッTProblems analyses trend of problem, functions that problems frequently etc.)
ッTRecommendation items fir the test target
(A proposal from the view of a third party regarding product and project)

Support from experienced Japanese engineers

VALTES Advanced Technology hires experienced Japanese engineers as local staffs, and are conducting support with a perfect organization. Also, by sharing the know-how with our parent company – VALTES Co., Ltd., we have made it possible to conduct a software testing maintaining the Japanese standard quality.

We correspond to various phases and targets

VALTES Advanced Technologies is able to accept requests from any phase, such as only the Testing plan, or from conducting the test to creating a summary report. We arrange test plans according to each phase, and get results from it.

Test Target
We can correspond to a wide range of target products from digital equipment embedded system, enterprise system, WEB system, EC site, cloud, smartphone application etc. Please contact us for any consultation required.
Testing Documents
Testing Documents including incident report shall be written in English.. (* Translation of testing documents into Japanese will be optional)
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